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House Concerts 

I love the deep connection I get when playing intimate gatherings in people's homes. Sometimes the audience is as quite as a mouse listening intently, sometimes they are rowdy but they are always memorable and the best part of touring.

These days touring is very expensive especially with a band and it is nearly impossible for an emerging artist to break even. House concerts provide an opportunity for me to share my music with new audiences and old friends in the comfort of a safe private space where the focus is on enjoying good music.  Please contact me to discuss budgets based on your space and expectations.  To learn more about hosting house concerts there are many great websites and social media groups to check out like: 

Living rooms, back yards, barns, front porches, kitchens, firepits, basements  - wherever you have room to host a party 10-30+ people, I'm interested in travelling to meet and play for y'all! I can play acoustically or bring my own small PA. I can play for an hour or do two sets with an intermission. If you'd like to continue with after show jam session where you and your friends can play too, I'm always up for that. I'll have my van to sleep in but won't say "no" to a comfortable bed or couch if it's offered.

I'd love to meet and hang out with you and your friends and neighbours and pets. I will come early enough to set up my gear and a small merch table and have dinner with y'all if you are cooking and chat and get to know you a bit before the show. A house concert is a great way to connect personally with an artist. I like to share stories about my songs while I play.  I will usually be solo but can organize duos or full bands if that suits your space and you would prefer a fuller sound.

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